Thursday, September 25, 2008


So, what have I been up to lately? Here's the scoop:

1. On the weight loss and fitness front: Things have not gone as well as planned. My weight has kept bobbing up and down by about three pounds. I've reached 127 pounds today, but doubt that I'll make my goal in two days. Life has been insanely busy and I've not had the time to exercise.

2. I wasn't insanely busy enough, so I decided to put on a karate tournament. It's going to be this Saturday. I am simply shocked at the amount of work involved, and that's with my capable army of volunteers.

3. Since it's simply not enough to try to juggle karate tournaments on top of my already busy life, I decided to get sick. I'm not hideously, bed-ridden type sick, just enough to lose sleep and stay out on the couch because of an annoying cough.

4. I've had all sorts of ideas for posts, but have promptly forgotten them due to being tired, busy, etc.

So that's pretty much what life has been like around here.

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  1. Well, I've sustained a weight loss, but then my extended family had to go and throw me and my nephew a 50/30 year old birthday party over Labor Day weekend! Our birthdays fall on the same date, and we are 20 years apart, so we made it into a hoop-dee-do as an excuse for the families to get together over Labor Day.

    Sigh -- OK -- I'll get back on track. I knew I was shooting for the moon, but at least I've got off the ground. Hopefully I'll continue heading for the moon and won't get into some kind of steady state geosynchronous orbit.

  2. PS - I left out that I havn't continued to lose since Labor Day weekend, which is the reason I have to get back on track.

  3. Oh, by the way, I added that feature "blogs I've been reading" to my sidebar, and it's great. I noticed you had done that, and so has Richard (who comments on the TW blog). Now I don't need to hunt around to see if people are saying anything new, or subscribe to services. I can just find out from my own blog what's new.

  4. This is Debra Baker and I just want to celebrate those last two pounds with you.

    That 0.6 pounds is nothing; think about it, you're a dump away from your goal.