Monday, June 18, 2007

Fall to grace: Aftermath, part 4

For the whole story, read this, beginning with Part 1. The condensed version can be found in Part 6. Links to the entire series can be found on the blog sidebar.

Even though I was still searching for answers to my many questions, that didn't stop me from trying to share my excitement with others. One thing I was accused of was "ripping things out of the Bible" or "hating the Law". Instead, I discovered that I had an new appreciation and excitement for all of God's Word.

Subject: This morning's profound insight (at least for me!)
Date: 2/11/99 11:06

This stuff is just so exciting to me, Mike! I know I'm just, as you said, stepping on the track---I hope I'm not boring you to tears with what is new to me but old hat to you---but this really got to me this morning.
I was thinking about something Valerie posted about people trying to rip major portions out of her Bible. I could understand what she meant; part of my attraction to Covenant Theology was a reaction against people who seem to recoil with horror from the Old Testament or pretend as if it doesn't exist.

Now I've been sorting through what role the OT has for us today.
This is what hit me: I love the Law---in, fact, I love it far, far more than I did when I thought I was under its yoke. I love it because it points to Christ and what He did for me! I would no more tear it out of my Bible then I would tear out all those prophecies that He fulfilled. ("Well, He fulfilled that, so I might as well never bother reading it. Rip it out and throw it away!") The Law came from God; it stands as a powerful testimony to His relationship with Israel; it was my schoolmaster; but far, far more important to me today is that it helps me to understand on a deeper level the glory and grace of what Christ did for me! Am I making sense? I'm having a hard time expressing this but it really impressed me this morning...every new glimpse of understanding only makes me more in awe of my God and Savior.


  1. "I was thinking about something Valerie posted about people trying to rip major portions out of her Bible."

    What is ironic is that the ones ripping out major portions of the Bible are she and her fellow theonomists, and so many others who refuse to accept the plain statements in so many NT passages -- especially 2 Cor. 3, Heb. 12, and Gal. 3 and 4. Their contortions as they try to explain away 2 Cor. 3 and what it says about the 10-C are amazing.

    One man responded to my citing of that passage with: "Yes, Mike, that says that the ceremonial law was abolished." But when I pointed out that the only "ceremonial" law mentioned in 2 Cor. 3 is the 10-C -- his answer was to accuse me of excusing rape, sodomy, and mass-murder.

    I'm still trying to work out the logic in that one. LOL!

  2. "...his answer was to accuse me of excusing rape, sodomy, and mass-murder."

    That is so outrageous. I and everyone else who knows you, Mike, would disagree so strongly. You would never excuse rape and sodomy. Mass-murder yes, but the others no!

    (Note to humorless people: I'm kidding about Mike being soft on mass-murder!)

  3. Rebecca, I am currently studying not only what the OT means to me now, but how my understanding of Israel fits in with the Law. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot fully understand the Law without understanding how Israel fits into God's plan. I am also learning to see the OT through the lens of the NT for the first time in my life. It used to be the other way around. I would read the OT and see it as the foundation for the NT. Maybe if I can get the big picture correctly focused, I start understanding concepts like grace and such.