Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why I can't vote for Obama

Even if our politics were in agreement (which they are not) my mother's heart would simply not allow me to vote for him.

More from Gianna Jessen:

On Fox News:

What can you do about it? Begin by visiting the Born Alive Truth website.

Updated to add:

Testimony from the nurse who was behind the Illinois bill. This also includes Obama in his own words defending his stance on abortion. A must see before you vote in November.

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  1. I almost wasn't going to watch that interview with Rick Warren, until my sil (a conservative Democrat who endorses McCain), encouraged me to do so.

    That interview made me decide to endorse McCain.

    Obama was artful at using a lot of words and saying little of substance in that interview. I about wanted to barf when he said "that's above my pay grade" in speaking about the moral nature of this discussion. If you watch the two inteviews one right after the other, you see how much clearer McCain is and you know better what he stands for. And he said right away life begins at conception.

    And since McCain stands for much of what we believe in, my husband and I are going to vote for him.

    My 9 year old told me NOT to vote for Obama, btw, because of what she heard about his views on abortion.

  2. I haven't been able to watch all of the Rick Warren interview, but I've seen enough to know that my concerns about Obama were well-founded. I had much the same impression that you did.

    At the same time, I'm cynical enough that, whenever I've heard McCain speak and say something I strongly agree with, I find myself saying aloud to the TV/radio/computer, "I'd really like to believe you". It's enough to drive my family nuts.

    And then he'll go and say something that makes me cringe.

    So there's no ideal candidate for me. Way back during the early primaries, I took some long online political profile thingie that matched me up with some obscure candidate I'd never even heard about. Needless to say, he's long since backed out of the race. Oh, well...

  3. This is the issue that does it for me. I simply can not vote for a person who believes what he believes about abortion. McCain has got my vote 100%.

    You are definitely right about there being something about being a mother.

  4. These are great videos, thanks for posting. It's hard to believe that there are major politicians out there who support infanticide. Just stunning.