Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just a nobody from Texas

That's what he would call himself. When I met him online, he was pastoring a tiny little church in some little Texas town. But he was one of the smartest men I know, with a mind that would never forget anything.

The first few things I found out about him is that he loved Jesus, loved his family, loved teaching, had a special place in his heart for mothers and babies, and was hilarously funny. Eventually I found out he had put together a lengthy series of lessons from the Bible dealing with a certain topic in a way that infuriated me, scared me...and then set me free from a lifestyle and church that was sucking my soul -- and the souls of my family -- dry.

It sounds trite and corny, but this man changed my life. Sometimes I'd tease him that he ruined my life. I'd say, "Here I was, happily living a life of crushing rules and regulations that I kept failing at, until you came along and ruined my life with all your talk of grace, freedom, and joy."

I only met him once in person, but it was one of those unforgettable visits that our family still talks about, over a decade later. He and his wife became "Uncle Mike and Aunt Marilyn" to our family. We fell in love with their adorable baby boy. We spent a lot of time talking and laughing. They felt like long lost family.

Just a little bit ago I got the news: "Mike has been promoted to Heaven." I can't help but think that Jesus greeted him with the words, "Well done, my good and faithful servant. Enter now into the joy of your rest."

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  1. There are about 20 of us who were going through the Law series with Met just now. It's hard to believe only a week ago he said "Going to hospital this afternoon. very very serious, please pray for me."
    Barely a week later and he's Home! Will be praying for Marilyn and the family...