Friday, December 18, 2009

All will be well

Yesterday and today, I viewed two different videos with poignantly beautiful messages. If I were to combine the themes of both together, it would be this: our Father God wants to tell each one of us, as He carries us through our personal storms, "I love you...we're going to make it...I know the way home...surrender...surrender and let me carry you...all will be well!"

My friend Mike knew that. He would talk to me of surrender and brokenness...of his "Precious Saviour"...of grace...ah, grace!...and of glorious freedom, not just freedom FROM but freedom TO...and always he would hammer home truth, truth, truth...and how beautiful and wonderful that truth is!

That's why, at the end of his life, Mike could be so calm and could even joke. He was that sure. As he had told me at least once, "I'm a nobody...but I know Somebody." And Mike knew -- he knew with every brain cell of his vast intellect and every fiber of his very being -- that it was grace, all grace. Salvation? All grace! Sanctification? All grace! Anything at all good in us? All grace! Our eternal hope? Grace upon grace!

That is what Mike taught: grace, grace, grace. It is what he lived and breathed. It is what will be sung at his memorial service. It is grace that took Mike home, into the very arms of his Precious Saviour.

I know that all is now well for the man who considered himself a big brother to a number of us. All is well...and someday all will be well for us too.

Enjoy Jesus, Mike, enjoy Jesus.

See you forever.

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  1. A wonderful tribute to Metochoi, as is your Fall into Grace series, which I read through in its entirety. I will really miss him. You are right about grace. Grace is the necessary and sufficient condition for everything in the Christian life. -- sccarl

  2. Wow. I just came across this today and I feel shocked and so sad. I did enjoy reading what you wrote, though.