Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thought on California's Proposition 8

I supported it. Frankly, I never thought I'd live to see the day when people would try to redefine the institution of marriage and would then try to impose their ideas on others, even to the point of forcing all couples getting marriage licenses to have to be identified as "Party A" or "Party B", rather than as bride and groom.

When suddenly marriage has become about something completely different than what it has always been understood to be...when it is no longer about a bride and groom, but about two "parties"...well, I finally decided enough was enough when it comes to people trying to impose their new definition of marriage on all of society and on our legal system.

This social experimentation had gone too far.

Some time back, I wrote this: Save Marriage!! Defend Marriage!! I still think that the greatest threats to marriage come from within marriage itself. We are the ones who threaten our own marriages, through all manner of sin, whether it be just plain selfishness and irresponsibility, or lust, adultery, pornography, abuse...the list goes on. I wish more of us were willing to spend our time, money and effort vocally and effectively fighting those very real threats against marriage.

But, in the meantime, I helped my son get signs put out. I spoke out where and when I could. And, sometime over the next few weeks, I hope to blog about why this issue is so crucial to me, and why it should be crucial to you as well...and why we need to speak out now.

UPDATED because I wrote it in haste and needed to re-edit at leisure so that it would make a bit more sense to my readers.

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  1. Did you see this comment?

  2. Btw, a similar constitutional amendment passed here in Florida.

  3. What shocks me is how close the vote was here. And apparently, judging by the internet buzz, anti-Prop 8 protests began yesterday.