Sunday, November 02, 2008

On a more serious note

Just in case I have one pro-Obama reader left, please read the potential consequences of voting him into office: Side Effect of FOCA. Remember that Obama has promised that his first priority as President will be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act. Make sure you are comfortable, before voting for him, with all that this entails.

I know. I know. Obama supporters have told me that FOCA "will not mean that many more abortions", and they seem untroubled by the thought of more infants dying in the womb. But I'm not ready to see the demise of Catholic hospitals, and I hope this would matter even to those who are pro-choice. One of my sons owes his life to the grace of God and the wonderful staff of a Catholic hospital. I know of towns whose only hospitals are Catholic. I don't think Obama, persuasive as he may be, will be able to convince the Pope and the Catholic Church that it is their duty to provide abortions as a fundamental right that cannot be infringed.

If you truly care for the poor, many of whom rely on Catholic hospitals and charities, please do not elect a president who is so adamant about making FOCA the law of our land. Even if you are anti-Catholic to an extreme, and welcome this as a blow against the Catholic Church, please put aside your own prejudices for the sake of the weak, the poor, the sick, and those without a voice.

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  1. I hope that 1 Obama supporter is moved by your post today.

  2. Well, you did not change my vote, but I do appreciate that you kept things civil throughout, and did not say some of the hateful things many folks have been saying about those of us who are Christian and support Obama.


  3. And I'm glad that you didn't say some of the hateful things folks have been saying about those of us who are Christian and DON'T support Obama.