Thursday, October 30, 2008

Voting for the future

One of the somewhat odd side effects of training in the martial arts is that I started watching movies and TV shows I would have previously avoided. So it was that "Walker, Texas Ranger" became regular fare for my husband and me, despite the fact that I thought Chuck Norris wasn't much of an actor, and I found the plots repetitive and predictable. But the good guys were good, and the bad guys were very bad, and my instructor was known to call people in the middle of the show and quiz them along the lines of, "Did you see what Chuck Norris did to that guy? Do you think he stole that technique from us?" To which I was always tempted to reply, "He certainly didn't steal the put-away-your-gun-so-you-can-do-a-jumping-spinning-flying-kick technique from us."

But I digress.

I have yet more connections with Chuck Norris, besides watching his TV show and having an instructor who has met him on more than one occasion:

1. Once upon a time, while working a summer job at a car dealership, I saw Chuck Norris walk away from the cashier's window on the way to pick up the car he had just had serviced.

2. Chuck Norris and I shared a pastor. Of course, Chuck Norris knew Pastor Kuester quite a number of years before I did, and I had no idea of this connection until I read Against All Odds.

3. We're both martial artists.

So, we're practically best buds. Despite that, I hardly keep up with what he says and writes. So someone else had to draw the following to my attention: "I'm Voting for Those Not Yet Born".

Whether or not you're a Chuck Norris fan, you should read the article. There's a lot more to Mr. Norris than just punching and kicking. A lot more.

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