Thursday, August 14, 2008

This morning

Several of us bloggers have decided to hold ourselves accountable to our "public" as a means of motivating us to become better stewards of the bodies God has entrusted into our care. I'd encourage anyone who needs improvement in this area to join us!

When the alarm rang this morning, it jolted me out of a deep sleep, to the point that I actually felt disoriented and wondered, "What is that horrible sound?" Several late nights of falling asleep while watching the Olympics are, I'm afraid, taking their toll.

But I only languished in bed for about five minutes. Then I was up and rarin' to go. Well, not exactly. I was up, at least.

The laptop jumped out and demanded my attention on my way to the kitchen for a quick breakfast. But I fought it off until I was eating my oatmeal. Look, I'm multi-tasking, I insisted to myself. See how efficient I am.

But it was all a fiendish ploy. One email and one blog led to another. Finally I came to my senses and screamed, "Get behind me, you satanic computer!" and rushed out the door.

So I wasn't exactly on time for my morning workout, but I wasn't hideously late, either. Just late.

I warmed up with Prevention Magazine's "Advanced Interval Walk", which I have on my iPod, connected to a speaker. Only I jazz up the 16-minute workout by jogging during the faster walk intervals and by using an assortment of weights and martial arts weapons to add a little upper body warm-up during the slower intervals.

After that, I was ready to get down to the real workout. The state championships for our tournament circuit is this weekend, so I was working on kata (also known as "forms"). This morning I focused more on the weapons kata --- the main one that I intend to compete with, and the alternate in case I need to run a tie-breaker. But I also trained the empty hand kata that I'm going to run. In between that, I worked on another weapons kata, one that I usually tend to forget to practice. And it showed. Sigh.

Then there were a few exercises thrown in for good measure and I was out of time.

I left feeling good.

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