Friday, August 08, 2008

Push-up Challenge Update

This morning I completed week 3 of the challenge. It was my toughest day yet, but I was able to crank out each of the required push-ups:
  • Set 1 -- 25 push-ups (Yay! Most I've been able to do since I first injured my shoulder a few years ago.)
  • Set 2 -- 19 push-ups
  • Set 3 -- 19 push-ups
  • Set 4 -- 17 push-ups
  • Set 5 -- 22 push-ups
That's a grand total of 102 push-ups!

To be perfectly honest, I had to wait a bit longer than 2 minutes between some of those sets, especially between sets 4 and 5.

The good news is that doing 10 push-ups now seems almost ridiculously easy to me. I'm also going even lower, with almost each push-up being pretty much as low as it's possible to go (i.e., without actually touching the floor). I'm discovering that I'm engaging more of the muscles in my back...and I'm realizing why fitness buffs are such fans of push-ups!

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