Sunday, August 10, 2008

If I claim I want to be held accountable...

...then why am I hiding my nifty new weight loss ticker at the bottom of my blog?


Why do I have to ask myself these sorts of questions?

OK, so now you'll have to endure seeing it, right at the top. So will I. Maybe the weight will go off and stay off this time. Maybe I'll make this goal.

If not, well...hopefully I won't chicken out and remove the weight loss ticker when I admit defeat!

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  1. I want to commend you for your weight loss. You have almost reached your goal; a wonderful acheivement. The last few pounds will be challenging but you can do it.

    I have lost about 30 pounds over the past six months. I hit the gym 3X/week and Yoga 2X/week. I also started meds that mess with my digestive system.

    Having a lot of children tends to make women pack on the weight, being middle-aged doesn't seem to help, either, but we can still achieve our healthy potential.

  2. Good for you, Debra!

    Weren't you doing martial arts? Or was it just your daughter? Which one?

  3. I was in martial arts. I was an Ikkyu (most advanced brown,) but there was an incident of immorality involving the head sensei and my adult daughter.

    My older kids are still involved but my minor children and I are no longer involved. I am considering another form, but right now, I am working out at the gym and I do yoga.

    Jeanette won first and second place at last year's national tournement. (I think first in kumite and second in kata but I could be bass akwards.)

    How are you doing in your martial arts? (I forget your form.)

  4. Debra, that's horrible. On so many levels.

    Several dojos that I know have a "no dating in the dojo" policy. A friend of mine has had to kick out some of her black belts for violating it. I've known of a few other similar situations.

    On a more cheery note, I train in --- and teach --- a style of karate called Keichu Ryu.

  5. Thank you for understanding. It was a harrowing experience as I really had to stop training and karate was a big part of my life. I actually became mildly depressed over the situation last summer. Unfortunately, it happened right after finals, so I had my two big worldly activities taken at once.