Monday, August 18, 2008


Our second child has left the nest. Only Daughter moved into her dorm room on Saturday. On Sunday, I brought her the rest of our carload of her things.

It still seems unreal. And unspeakably sad, even while it is exciting. Well, exciting for her...

I got to meet one of her roommates, and she seems delightful. She and my daughter hit it off right away. I'm looking forward to meeting the other two sometime.

It was so hard to leave my little girl. Of course, she's hardly a little girl anymore; she'll be 21 in a couple months. I already miss her so much!

Here is the view from her balcony. She brought her "pet", a small plant she started from a pineapple.

The little study nook, with two desks, is next to the balcony, and separated from the rest of the room by two wardrobes. The other two girls have an identical study area on their side of the room, with a bathroom in between.

We carried up the last of Only Daughter's things and put them on her bed. The dorm room looks pretty barren, and I joked about how my aunt should come and decorate it...or how I could paint the walls to make them look more colorful. Apparently there are rules about what can and can't go up on the walls. There goes my ideas of knick-knack shelves, paintings, curio cupboards, etc.!

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  1. Sigh,

    I wrote a very similar blog yesterday because we spent our weekend moving my daughter, Jeanette, into CMU. It is bittersweet. On one hand, it's exciting to see all her hard work in high school pay off. It's thrilling to see her take that next step into adulthood but it is also hard to let go.

    It makes me tear up to think from now on, she'll be *visiting* when she is at home.

    Here's a link to my story