Monday, August 11, 2008

Hero worship?

For context, read "Can you translate that?"

Youngest Child: Mama, why did that crazy looking man shoot his lawnmower?

Me: Well, Youngest, it very well could be because he's an over-drinking person. And that turned him into a bad-healthy-in-the-brain person. At least he seems to have been one on the day he shot the lawnmower.

Other Child: How can you say that? He belongs to my pantheon of mid-western heroes!

Me: You know, Other, I think it's high time school started again. While it's commendable that you used the word "pantheon" in a sentence, I think your poor choice of heroes is either a result of not fully understanding the word "hero", or because you haven't learned enough about people actually worthy of that description.

Other Child: So you mean you don't want me to be like him when I grow up?

Me: No.

Other Child: Then maybe I shouldn't tell you about what I did this afternoon when the lawnmower was acting up...

This post, depicting an imaginary conversation that never actually took place, is copyrighted. Don't worry; nothing actually happened to our lawnmower. This post is a complete work of fiction. Well, except for the fact that there was a guy who actually did shoot his lawnmower...and there's another guy who thought it was an act of heroism. As for the copyright stuff --- please read and honor the copyright notice at the bottom of the sidebar. Thank you.

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