Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of July

Our celebration was, in some ways, quieter than in the past. We didn't throw our usual BBQ "party", mainly because I was a fuddy-dud this year. So we were pretty much it, and our house and yard seemed almost empty. It was a smaller group that climbed to the roof of the office to watch the fireworks.

Because it was so overcast, the fireworks show was quite a disappointment. But our own homemade smoke bombs and pyrotechnics, the handiwork of Child #4, were quite fun. He's been experimenting with smoke bombs in an attempt to "perfect" them. Probably the biggest disappointment is that we haven't come up with a way to color the smoke in order to make them as bright as the commercial ones. But what we lacked in color, we made up for in size...especially with this one, shown right after it was lit.

It begins to burn.

The smoke becomes more impressive.

We begin to think that maybe it was just a tad too much. I'm glad I was up on the roof, above the smoke.

We did manage to highly amuse some young boys nearby. After that, their colored smoke bombs seemed almost boring. But we decided that maybe we might not be in the biggest hurry to set off another supersized one...

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  1. *L*

    While I do want my children to pursue their interests. . . can I admit that I hope that making smoke bombs and other pyrotechnics is never one of their passions?