Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Good laugh --- but all too true

I found this hilarious video via the TrueWomanhood Blog. Unfortunately, there is way too much truth in it!

This was a good reminder to me that we need to use true Biblical discernment --- and not sensationalism, hysteria, poor logic, and a lack of integrity --- whenever we examine the teaching and practices of those who profess to be Christian. Discernment is surely lacking in the American church today, and it is something that we need to seek after. By the way, this video would make a great exercise for homeschoolers: see how many logical fallacies you can identify!

Updated to add the following:

Apparently the church responsible for the above video has a number of other humorous videos. I thought this one was just as funny.


  1. Here I am, commenting on my own post. I was surprised to discover that James and Stacy McDonald appear to be such fans of the video. I commented on James' McDonald's blog, but I doubt my comment will be approved:

    "This video was such a good reminder to me that just because a certain expression of Christianity does not fit into my tradition does not mean it is any less Biblical. Often those of us who are conservative, with definite ideas of how church should be conducted --- especially if we adhere to the Regulative Principle --- will be just as quick as the "investigative reporter" and the blogger to find fault and to cry heresy.

    Yes, innovative is not in the Bible. But that does not mean innovative churches are heretical.

    Stacy, while I'll admit that I wasn't moved to tears by the video, I will admit that I felt some chagrin at times that I have viewed with alarm certain church innovations and felt that there must be some heresy lurking behind them, whether it was rock music in the service, age-segregated worship services, or some other practice I found problematic at the time. Thanks for your sensitivity to these issues. "

    I just realized I need to issue a disclaimer because my comment may have been inadvertently misleading. I no longer hold to the Regulative Principle of Worship. (Those of you who are asking, "HUH?" may want to wade through my series about my "Fall to Grace". See the sidebar.)

  2. Glad you enjoyed the video, and that it provoked such earnest thought.