Thursday, January 17, 2008

Color me curious

I'm not one of these people who constantly checks her stats...but I couldn't help but notice that I've been getting a lot of visitors via links from the Hearthkeepers discussion board. Best I can guess is that there is some discussion there about the whole father-daughter purity ball issue. But then again, I can only guess, because this discussion board is locked up really tight --- seems the only way I could even get to glance at it is by invitation of someone who is already a member.

So, naturally, I'm curious. Anyone care to enlighten me who this group is and why they are are so secretive?


  1. well, Hi Rebecca!
    yes, at HearthKeepers we were having a discussion on the Purity Ball

    i'll forward your question to the Board Owner...she can best explain why the board is private.

    i enjoyed poking around on your blog...


  2. Hello Rebecca, I'm Chautona, owner of Hearth Keepers.

    Our board was originally open to anyone who registered and agreed with our statement of faith and posting guidelines, but after getting a few trolls we closed it.

    We're basically a group of Christian women from all walks of life (for instance while the majority of our posters on your purity ball topic agreed with you, a few didn't and we're all fine with that) who desire to serve the Lord above all else. Most of us do that primarily within the sphere of our family.

    Sorry, nothing really secretive going on over here... just protecting the privacy of three hundred of my closest friends. ;)

  3. Hi! Thanks so much for the quick answers. I can certainly understand the desire to have a safe community on the internet, without having to worry about troll invasions!