Sunday, February 19, 2006

My sweet mother

My wonderful mother has been having quite a time of things lately. Apparently she is collecting sundry medical problems and diagnoses, which now include, in addition to a chronic neuromuscular condition:
  • A heart attack which, thank God, did minimal damage to her heart
  • Asthma which needs to be brought under control
  • Pneumonia
  • Diabetes (diagnosed yesterday morning when her fasting blood sugar was over 325)
  • A blockage in a major artery in her heart
She is scheduled for an angiogram on Tuesday morning. Thanks again to all of you who are praying. My mother is in good spirits, and God is using her to encourage her hospital roommates and to bring good cheer and her usual amusing wit to everyone she encounters.


  1. I will pray your mom does well with all her health problems. Your dad, too. I've been diabetci nearly 36 years and am still tickin' and kickin' along, even with a form of congestive heart failure and numerous other physical ailments.

    All will be well for you all. All will be well. Do not fear. God is with us always and keeps us safe. No matter what.



  2. Been thinking of you since I read of the health concerns wtih your parents last week. . .