Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why I haven't blogged

I have been too busy...thinking. Yes, that's my excuse. True confession time: I am a problem thinker. Follow the link; you may recognize yourself in this testimony as well.

By the way, I recommend reading more than just that post on the Stand to Reason blog. Good resource; lots of thought-provoking stuff.

Uh, oh...there goes that problem thinking again...


  1. Hi Rebbeca, thinking is good and no excuse. I have the theory that blogging isn't for the completed but for the on going. So your thinking has a place in your blog. I like what you have written so far. It makes me feel that there is such a link in with my thinking as a Christian. Thinking as a Christian, around, within and before our faith (if that makes sense) I find takes me deeper into the issues. There I find Jesus crucified and risen and alive in the choas and the calm. GBY :-) Keep on blogging.

  2. Hubby's thinking was keeping him awake when he should have been sleeping. Thus, his return to blogging.

    Btw, you've been tagged. *grin*

  3. Hey Rebecca, I didn't see a link for an email so I'm posting my request.
    I read your comment on Amy's blog about making cranberry/jalepino salsa. That sounds GREAT and I would really appreciate the recipe.