Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Two hurricanes in the gulf coast area of our country...another hurricane in South American...an incomprehensibly devastating earthquake in Pakistan...

In the midst of all this tragedy, chaos, and suffering, we hear of despicable acts: violence, thievery, cowardice. But we also hear of acts of heroism, selflessness, and compassion.

When I am tested, will I ultimately come forth purified by the refiner's fire? Or will I be one of the ones who cannot overcome the temptation to evil?

It is easy to judge, from the comfort of my home. It is easy to imagine that I would be one of the heroic ones, one whose love and integrity would shine forth. But...what about in the little trials? Does my love and compassion shine forth then? When the going gets only a little bit rough, how do I respond?

We are going through a time of testing in our church right now. It is a difficult season, as we face somewhat of a crisis. It's not a major cataclysmic crisis. There is no earthquake, no hurricane, no devastation. But, as I walk through what is not an easy time, my prayer is that I may be found faithful and true. May I do God's will and not my own. May He empower me, as much as it is possible, to be found blameless in this time of trial. May I rejoice even in this, knowing that He is working in me and in my church.

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