Sunday, August 28, 2005

College boy returns home for weekend

Having Eldest Son here for the weekend almost felt like old times...except for the sibling jokes about "the guest".

"Don't call him a guest," I quipped, "or we'll never get any work out of him ever again."

"Sure we will," rejoined one of the children. "We just need to treat him like our most recent guests." Said recent visitors, an uncle and aunt, had not only joyfully "babysat" so that my husband and I could flit off on an overnight anniversary jaunt, but they had done some housework and also gotten an impressive amount of weeds pulled in the backyard.

Apparently Eldest Son is enjoying his foray out into the "real world". He was filled with amusing descriptions of the differences between life here in our idyllic coastal communities versus Life in the Big City. And, as expected, he's feeling spoiled by the doting grandparents. Perhaps that's not so bad, given the heavy course load he'll be carrying.

It was sure good to have him home, even for such a fleeting visit.

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