Friday, June 17, 2005

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...on this very laptop (a Mac PowerBook G4) on this very table.

However, on the screen in this picture is a photo I'm viewing in iPhoto, taken on Mothers' Day.

We have one of those "open floor plans", sometimes referred to as a "great room". The computer is on what we refer to as the kitchen table, with our dining room table seen to the right and our living room kind of straight ahead to the left, if that makes sense.

We used to have an actual dining room. But during the Christmas holidays one year, we set up a table where the dining table is now and noticed how people seemed to want to linger at that particular table. Plus, our music stuff was taking up more and more the dining room became the music room and the dining table moved to what was previously an unnamed area.

It does mean, unfortunately, that visitors to our home "fall on the dining room table" (to quote my grandmother's disdainful comment about a number of American homes) as soon as they walk through our entry area.

Some people think our two tables are kinda redundant, given how close they are to each other. We eat most meals on the kitchen table. (My husband has promised to design and build a new one for years, but it's one of many projects awaiting his nonexistent leisure time.) Sunday dinner is usually on the dining room table. When we have guests, the kitchen table becomes the "kids' table", while the adults sit at the dining table. When we have crowds, the kitchen table is shifted over and becomes the buffet table, and we set up other tables here and there.

More than anyone wanted to know, I'm sure!

We're really excited about our chairs, though. We had an odd assortment of kitchen chairs, old inherited and rickety dining chairs that my husband hated to sit on, and chairs that would have been more appropriate in a hotel conference room. Finally we had had it with this mismatched collection and set off in search of dining/kitchen chairs that actually looked like they belonged in our home.

The only chairs I found that we actually liked cost some ridiculously insane amount of money.

I had pretty much given up on my quest when we happened to be eating at a local, family-run restaurant. I commented to my husband, "Why can't we find chairs like these anywhere? I love these chairs!"

The owner of the restaurant was extremely helpful and we now have almost identical chairs in our home...sixteen of them. Comfy, practical, and sturdy --- and we like how they look. Perfect!

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