Friday, June 17, 2005

From my email inbox

It seems that, once again, I've won the European lottery. This is especially exciting, since I've never entered a lottery. I am so thrilled!

Unfortunately, it looks like I won't be collecting my prize this time either. I'm just such a suspicious sort, and hate to send my social security number and bank account numbers to some complete stranger over the internet.

That might be why I'll never be rich.

Not only are the European lottery people trying to give me money, but there are two British gentlemen who have begged me to accept vast sums of money from mysterious benefactors who want to support "my ministry". Presumably they want me to be able to hire a real webmaster who can fix the two websites I've done. I'm not sure. At any rate, they want to shower me with tons of money.

But, alas, I'm simply too skeptical to accept it.

And I won't even mention all the money people in Nigeria keep offering me!

1 comment:

  1. This is too funny!!! What a coincidence that we're both winners!