Thursday, June 23, 2005

Deep dark confessions

Jasmine posted a comment to one of my blog entries about coffee:

no sugar? do you drink black? I bow to you. I just can't live without my cream and sweetener, maybe I'll mature one of these days...

The truth of the matter is that I don't drink coffee black. I have done so only a very few times.

I grew up with a mother who put milk in her coffee, so that's how I learned to like it. Years later, my brother turned me on to the pleasures of "half and half". (Half what and half what? I still don't know.) Then, during my weight loss frenzy, when I was eliminating all excess calories from my diet, I switched to nonfat milk in my cereal, in my milk glass and even --- gasp! oh, the horror of it all! dare I even write it?! --- in my coffee.

And that's where I still am today, although once in a while, I sneak some cream in my coffee...or even, decadently, some whipped cream on top.


  1. I need cream and sugar with mine. Not too much. Just enough to take the edge off.

    My wife claims to be a coffee drinker as well but I really think she just uses it a transferrence method for those flavored creamers. (Honey, if you're reading this I love you!)

  2. I drink a vanilla coffee so I add just a touch of cream to cut the bitterness. It is so delicious! My desert in the morning!

  3. I swear I never lost my baby weight after #4 because of coffee.

    In Ukraine my treat was buying 6% milk for my hot beverage of happiness during those long, cold months. . .

  4. Okay, I'll come clean too. Cream is best but that and half and half do have too much fat for the likes of my hips. My dh uses half and half daily and has no hips, I don't figure. No pun intended.
    Anyway, I use 2% for lattes(makes the best foam)or whole for a regular cup. I also don't use sugar, I am slowly killing myself with Splenda. I don't think I could do non-fat so I still bow ; )
    Yes, I know I am pregnant, but I have read that one cup a day is okay and I actually refrain from daily consumption.
    I believe I made my comment longer than your post. So sorry.