Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What's in your bag?

While visiting several blogs a while back, I noticed a mini-fad of women posting pictures of the contents of their handbags. For some inane reason, I can't help doing the same. The interesting thing, at least to me, was how these contents---as well as the bag---have changed over the two decades of my marriage.

For many years, I was in the diaper bag phase. I went through several in search of the "perfect" one and finally decided that different bags fit different situations. So there were larger diaper bags for when there were two in diapers, and minimalist bags for one older baby, etc. It never made sense to me to carry a diaper bag and a purse, so I never did.

Once we were finally past the diaper stage, I had had various flings with an assortment of purses. But then I started getting more utilitarian. Until this year, I tended towards the minimalistic, carrying only the fewest necessities in what was practically a wallet-on-a-string.

But then those "necessities" began to grow. I wanted to carry sunglasses with me. I needed to carry more keys. I began taking my little digital camera more places. I was tired of carrying a tiny purse and trying to juggle other stuff.

The bag pictured is my latest one, and holds an assortment of stuff that I hope will not increase. It's kinda amusing how much electronic gadgetry my purse now contains. There is the cell phone and its car charger (I kept losing the one I would leave in a vehicle...or it would be in the wrong vehicle when I needed it) as well as the hands-free ear buds and mic for it. Then there's my camera and my new little voice recorder and...

It annoys me in a way. On the one hand, I'm glad to have my camera and some of the other stuff with me at all times, ready for use. On the other hand, I long for the simplicity of wallet, keys, and little else. My purse seems an analogy of how our possessions can weigh us down, and how we keep thinking we need more...and more...

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