Thursday, April 28, 2005

More thoughts on Terri Schiavo

From the Cambridge Chronicle:

Religion does not unify us on these matters. In the depths of my being, I hope for life after death, a life made possible by the atonement of a Redeemer. In Terri's situation, I would choose eternity. Terri's parents, deeply committed Catholics, disagreed.

Technology provides no better answers. Terri was alive because of the technology that resuscitated her. She remained alive because of technology (simple but effective) that sustained her. When we extend life through technology, may we then withdraw technology once we can no longer ascertain that meaningful life exists?

Life is complicated. I oppose euthanasia, but I also believe that the availability of technology does not mandate its use. My parents are saints, but I would fight legislation that gave them the right to interfere with my marriage or children. I believe in a culture of life, but I resist the rights-creep that forces my husband and me to subsidize others absent a compelling reason. I detest activist government, but there are times when it must step forward to protect the rights of all of us.

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