Saturday, April 30, 2005

The "Cool Beans" Dilemma solved

Bunn My Cafe doing its thing
Originally uploaded by Keichu.
Here's my new toy, the Bunn My Cafe. It definitely belongs on my short list of cool stuff.

One of the nifty features is that when you make a cup of coffee, this mysterious and ultra-cool blue beam of light shines down on the cup. Unfortunately, it didn't really show up in my picture.

More about the Bunn pod coffee brewing system below.

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Almost all you could ever hope to know about the Bunn My Cafe here


  1. I LOVE your coffee entries! But please, what is a POD? It reminds me of the Invasion of The Body Snatchers or some weird SciFi movie!

  2. Hey, great blog! Sounds like you need coffee shop.

    I love coffee and did a keyword search on coffee shop and came up with your site. The association was close, anyway. Take care! Dave