Monday, July 05, 2004

Trivial shallow stuff

Weight Watchers is proving to be quite a success. I've met the goal I set for myself, as far as the weight loss I wanted to achieve by this week. I feel good about how I've revamped my eating. It's nice to fit back in all of my clothes again.

I've found the Weight Watchers materials (I've been using the "At Home" program, rather than attending meetings) far more motivating than I'd thought. I've been enjoying the magazine, as well as a few cookbooks that I bought.

Plus, there's the nifty points calculater. I'm a sucker for gadgets...

It's not difficult to keep up with the program while traveling. I just schlepp everything along and use it to make choices about where to stop and eat, or what to eat while visiting people. So far, the only people I've driven nuts with my points-counting are a few of my kids.

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