Friday, August 06, 2010

Power and Control

This is obviously my blog. If someone posts a comment I don't like, I can simply delete it. Because,'s my blog.

But here's the funny thing. Maybe it's because I'm a woman, but I don't get all power-mad and full of myself over the fact that I've got my own blog and that, in real life, I have a God-given position of authority over some people. (I'm a mother. I know it's kinda radical in some circles to claim boldly that God had given a mother any authority over her own children but...hey...I didn't make up the book of Proverbs and I don't think the verses to heed the instruction of one's mother are some sort of feminist conspiracy.)

Anyway, I needed a good laugh and I found one. Astute longterm readers of my blog (assuming I have any left) will no doubt recognize what blog I am quoting:

"You attacked me, personally--which is fine. I'm not upset. But now, submit to our rules and identify yourself with your real first and last name, plus a working e-mail. I've always identified myself, fully, and there are times we require our readers to do so, also.

Submit to authority.

And of course, I've used that word twice now because I was guessing you wouldn't."

Submit to authority??!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, my goodness!!! I am wiping away tears here!! Writing a blog gives a man authority over his readers??? Is this silly or what?

You know what? I think the power is going to my head. I insist all my women readers post lengthy comments immediately! Submit to my authority! After all, not only do I have blog authoring authority but, as an older woman, I have teaching authority as well.

Comment away. Submit to my authority!

I'm not even asking that you identify yourselves.

Hhhhmmmmm...I think this authority power-crazy stuff is more a guy thing. It just feels silly to me. Reminds me of visiting other families when i was a kid and trying to play with some little self-important budding tyrant who puffed out his puny little chest and declared, "You have to do what I say because I'm a BOY and I'm the BOSS of my backyard!"

Some little boys get bigger -- and use bigger words -- but they never grow up.

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  1. Being the obedient person that I am, I am posting a comment for you. Since there are no other comments, either you have no faithful readers left, or you have deleted all of their comments in exercising your authority as supreme blogmeister. We shall see if my comment is lengthy enough for you and gets your stamp of approval for content. I have not decided yet whether I will identify myself or just let you guess who I am. Since you don't mind if we remain anonymous, I will let you guess.

    It is fortunate for you that you have been trained in the martial arts. If people don't submit to your authority just for the sake of you being the authority, you can show them some of your martial arts skills. Of course, since you don't know who I am, I have no fear of you showing up on my doorstep to wipe the floor with me because you don't like my comment. Otherwise, I might have to sign up to take a self-defense class in case my comment isn't long enough. Is it long enough yet? I am trying hard to get this long enough without straying off topic into some related discourse on submission or the size of my very mean attack cat, just in case you recognize my style of writing and disagree with something I am saying. I think I hear my cat calling now, so I hope this is long enough for you.

  2. I love this comment! And I love knowing I have at least one reader!!

  3. Of course, the blog owner in question has yet to actually explain how he was attacked personally. I think he's just using the claim as a ruse to go into his "submission" diatribe.

  4. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You can't make me! Neener neener neener!!!

    Okay, seriously, this is what goes through my head every time I read this stuff. Though I am not so sure it is a male thing. I think it may be a confidence thing. Or even a comfort thing, knowing yourself and your strengths and weaknesses, and being okay with that. Some people just aren't, and you can usually tell immediately upon hearing some version of 'submit to my authority' spouted.

    I still check your blog every week or two and hope that you have written something new. So I guess you have three of us still. :)


  5. Found your blog while looking for my own, which is also called Random Musings. Can't wait to catch up on your posts.

  6. I've had that kind of experience before when I was little. Little boys always wanting to be the boss of the game or whatever.

    On a completely unrelated note: your blog has the same name as mine.