Friday, April 30, 2010

Making all things new

Out with the with the new...there are so many times that I've really longed for that in my life.

On Good Friday, we watched Mel Gibson's "The Passion". One of the things that struck my husband is when the character of Jesus tells his mother, "Behold, I make all things new." That statement is true on so many profound levels that one could spend a lifetime plumbing its theological depths.

But sometimes it is the simple things that touch the deepest. It's easy to get into a get bogged down with daily be overcome by the cares of the world. That is our human condition. Sometimes it gets more serious than that. Tragedy hits. We experience unspeakable pain and suffering. Or we battle an ongoing affliction that is never-ending. People hurt us. Our deeply unbearable wounds overwhelm and cripple us, even those that should be long scarred over.

We try our hardest. Or we don't. Somehow we put one foot in front of the other, and life goes on. It's hard to maintain hope. Everything seems a bit bleak. Our hope is that maybe things will get better somehow...that conditions will change...that healing will come...or, if all else fails, we have Heaven to look forward to.

And then, God does something. Out of the blue. A simple thing. And then another. And another. And these simple things happen when we least expect them, and they turn into an amazing bunch of coincidences that all come together. We wonder if there is some sort of wonderful conspiracy, because it seems as if so many different people are in on it.

Simple, everyday stuff. A hug. A whisper of encouragement in my ear, urging me to stay the course. A text message with an urgent prayer request. A couple apps on my iPhone. A hymn. A prayer. A few verses in the Bible. Who knew how all that would come together?

He makes all things new. All things.

And it's springtime.

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