Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Will he keep his promise?

Obama, in his own words, about his stance on abortion, and the first thing he will do as president:

I have a question for my friends who are celebrating tonight because their man won. Are you also celebrating the change that he will bring when he keeps his promise to you about signing the Freedom of Choice Act? Or is this a promise you hope he won't keep?

To those who have tried to persuade me that Obama is really pro-life, I can only say...huh? Do you mean you don't believe his own words or his own voting record? Will this, from Obama's own website, convince you?

"Throughout my career, I've been a consistent and strong supporter of reproductive justice, and have consistently had a 100% pro-choice rating with Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America."

What is the Freedom of Choice Act Obama has promised to sign?
David Freddoso (The Case Against Barack Obama) elaborates on what this bill entails:
This bill would effectively cancel every state, federal, and local regulation of abortion, no matter how modest or reasonable. It would even, according to the National Organization of Women, abolish all state restrictions on government funding for abortions. If Obama becomes president and lives up to this promise, then everyone who pays income tax will be paying an abortionist to perform an abortion.
In making this promise, Freddoso writes, Obama is promising:
  • to abolish state laws that protect doctors and nurses from losing their jobs if they refuse to participate in abortions
  • to abolish requirements for parental notification and informed consent for mothers who consider the procedure
Freddoso also notes:
Obama is one of the very few pro-choice advocates who accepts no restrictions on late-term abortions, or any kind of abortions. I could find no instance in his entire career in which he voted for any regulation or restriction on the practice of abortion. [Read more here.]

More information on FOCA can be found here.

To my friends who are celebrating Obama's victory: is this what you are celebrating? Please forgive me for not joining in your joy. Frankly, I find this a sad day for our country. A very sad day. This is change we could do without. May God have mercy on us all. May those of us who are pro-life be emboldened to speak out now, and to work while there is still day...for I fear that night is rapidly approaching.

For those who would like to put Obama's promise in context, here is the entire speech as posted to Obama's campaign channel on YouTube.

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  1. I really hope that Obama is unable to keep many of his promises. . . Though, with a Dem majority congress, I am very concered.