Tuesday, August 05, 2008

She's leaving home

It's hard to believe --- in fact, I'm pretty much in denial --- but Only Daughter is leaving the nest in a mere couple of weeks. She's headed off into the big, wide world to finish her last two years of college. Eldest Son, of course, was the first to venture forth. But I had no idea of the horrible precedent he was setting.

Well, of course, that's not entirely true. Whenever you have more than the socially acceptable number of children, you are constantly aware of the whole issue of precedence being set. You agonize over it. After the first one leaves, you consider bolting the doors, to prevent the mass exodus.

She's promised she's coming back. Below is a picture from a few months back, when she graduated from our local community college.

Ah, it's hard to let go. So bittersweet...

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  1. My fifth child and fourth daughter, Jeanette, is leaving for Carnegie Mellon this Saturday. I am right in the same boat. I'm excited for her but I will miss her nontheless.

    She went through a little snarky phase when she was sixteen, but it was mild for a teenager. Other than that, she has been a wonderful child to parent. I love her dearly and will miss her.

  2. Congratulations!

    I'm having difficulty watching so many I know sending their children off. . .

    Our neighbors (8 kids, homeschooled) had their two oldest go away to finish university a few years ago. The oldest daughter was married last weekend. (Ack!) Another son is going off to uni this weekend (joining his older brother, still in uni town.) That leaves just the five youngest at home. Scary to me, seeing how my oldest has gone through such a growth spurt this year and. . . ACK. So totally not ready to let go. Our boys have had more freedoms, more responsibilities, and they are doing fine. Me? It's much easier for me to be a "protective parent" than it is for me to be a "trusting parent."

    *L* What a long diatribe when really what I wanted to say was HOORAY and CONGRATS!