Saturday, August 30, 2008

Don't fall over in shock!

Yes, I'm actually writing a political post.

We live in interesting times.

I've been visiting various sites on the blogosphere to get a sense of the reaction to the Palin nomination. Here's what I've run across:

1. Many conservatives are excited. Some who had planned to sit out the election or vote for a third party candidate are now planning to either vote for the McCain/Palin ticket or, at the very least, give McCain serious consideration.

2. People who are tired of politics as usual and the whole Washington good-old-boys network, and who were disappointed and betrayed when Mr. Hope and Change picked Mr. Entrenched Good Old Boy are delightfully surprised that McCain has picked a running mate who actually embodies change.

3. Those who enjoy the status quo of politics in America are, naturally, against this nomination. They simply cannot deal with the idea of a Washington outsider, a mom, a conservative woman, a "real person" as opposed to a political construct, being a heartbeat away from the presidency.

4. The anti-woman contingent is loud, vocal, and --- as usual --- offensive. They are opposed to Palin for no reason other than that she is a woman. Therefore, she has little or no other redeeming qualities, even if they agree with her politics. If they don't, they are even more strident in their opposition. I've read that, supposedly, I and all other women should be insulted at her nomination. I've read the expected trashing of her appearance: she is too pretty; she is not attractive enough; she looks like a working woman; she looks like a mom. I've read the expected trashing of her womanhood: if she were a real woman, she'd be home baking cookies; if she were a woman with a brain, she never would have gotten pregnant at age 43; if she were a real woman, she wouldn't take her baby to work with her; if she were a real woman, she wouldn't be pro-hunting and wouldn't have allowed her son to join the military; if she were a real woman, she would have never accepted the nomination from a man who is on his second marriage and obviously chose her only because he is attracted to her, etc.

5. The big city elitists have sounded their cry as well. They are all in a hither because she is from a small town in a largely rural state. She is not sophisticated enough for their tastes. She is too working class. She of those people --- all those many plain folks like you and me who weren't born to privilege, who live in small towns, who know what it is like to work hard and have to count every penny, who have what some derisively refer to as "middle-class values", who prefer a simpler life, who enjoy family and hearth and home --- you know, those quaint people who aren't at all wealthy or hip or famous or glamorous, but are the backbone of America. It seems Palin has committed the great crime of being one of us. What a welcome change!

Updated because I forgot to add:

6. Those that oppose Christianity are, of course, almost fanatically opposed to this nomination, because Palin embodies all that they oppose. She is pro-life, not just in politics but in practice. She has had more than the socially acceptable number of children and she has even dared, knowingly, to allow her "abnormal" child to be born.
She is strongly Christian in all her morals, values, and beliefs. Not only is she anti-corruption but, why, she even believes in Creation. One can see why those who oppose our faith and its practices cannot abide someone who seems to exemplify them so well.

Updated yet again to add:

Here's an article of interest on the topic.

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