Friday, August 01, 2008

Cool Stuff

I was going to write about iPhone apps, and maybe I a future post. But there's much cooler stuff...

There is a plethora of "cool stuff" these days, whether it's handy gadgets, nifty technological wonders, kitchen appliances, or whatever. I've written about a few of these things.

But there's stuff that is way cooler than just...stuff. And here's just a little sample:
  • Foggy mornings. On those mornings, it sometimes looks like we're living on the edge of the world, with nothing beyond our backyard. Such days are made for drinking hot chocolate and enjoying a world shrouded in mist. Like this morning
  • Early summer mornings when you feel the anticipation of heat but it's still cool. We very rarely get those around here. But when I experience those, it brings back memories of my childhood.
  • Morning workouts that leave you sweaty and spent --- but strangely invigorated and much more ready to face the day.
  • Two year olds. The ultimate in cool stuff and cool people.
  • Dogs that greet you excitedly when you return home.
  • Back rubs.
  • Freshly picked berries.
  • Freshly picked cherries.
  • Good coffee.
  • The Sunday newspaper.
  • Porch swings. Someday maybe I'll have a porch and a swing.
  • Beach bonfires. We live close to where we can drive on the beach, hauling in our big supply of firewood, chairs, food, and more --- and build a wonderful bonfire. Ah...

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