Monday, December 31, 2007

Thoughts on racism (part 6)

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But what about interracial marriage? Why do the kinists oppose it?

Here is some interesting info about interracial marriage
in the U.S. I had forgotten that it wasn't until 1967 that the laws forbidding interracial marriage were overturned. The kinists, of course, would like to bring back those laws.


  1. I'm so glad we have biracial couples at our church. One of the daughters from one of these families and one of mine are very good friends, and they all appear to be strong Christians. Back when I was reading a little bit on some 19th century history leading up the Civil War, I learned that fact about 1967 being the year those laws were repealed, and was surprised that it was so recent.

    Good series, Rebecca, keep it up.

  2. One of the things that really shocked me a few years ago was when someone we knew who was getting into the kinist crud told us he would not allow his daughter to marry a man with a different skin color--even if the young man came from a similar culture, socio-economic class, similar religious beliefs, education, and a host of other things that would provide a common heritage between the new couple.

    On the other hand, he did not understand why we would have great caution in the event one of our sons wished to marry a Ukrainian woman. After all, she would be white! (Even though there would be a host of cultural and language issues that could cause significant issues in a relationship.)