Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Church, fall to grace, etc.

I wrote this in the comments section of a previous post and I liked it so much that I thought it deserved its own post. Hey, it's my blog.
In a way, what I've been going through lately in regards to the church has been similar to my fall to grace. What I have held so tightly is being stripped away. I'm left feeling as if I'm about to be forced to jump off a cliff. It's scary. I don't want to take the risk. I don't want to let go of what is secure, what is familiar, what has defined my Christianity. I don't know what will be left of me, of my way of relating to God, once I let go. I'm assailed by I about to make some sort of huge mistake? Am I becoming something I shouldn't? Am I stumbling headlong into error? Or am I about to experience more of Jesus than I ever have before?

Stay tuned. I'll try to let you know how it all turns out.

One thing I the end, the very end, Jesus wins. He's the Victor. And His grip on me is way, way stronger and more sure than my grip on Him.
By the way, I hope to be posting my next installment of my "Fall to grace" series within the next couple days.

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