Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Public Breastfeeding

Yes, it's been a loooong time...

Back in the day when I was breastfeeding my little ones, public breastfeeding hadn't quite made the headlines that it has today. But it still was an issue. In fact, I actually wrote an article on the topic titled, Nursing a Baby in Public: What is a Mother to Do?

For a more contemporary, humorous, and "Dad" perspective on the issue: Public Breastfeeding - A DadLabs Debate


  1. That video was hilarious. I get the feeling that the tide is turning a bit against public breastfeeding since I breastfed my little ones, and it's probably a conversation that we need to have again. I think those who are uncomfortable with discreet breastfeeding should be encouraged to reexamine their feelings. Why does it bother them? Have they thought about the fact that their attitude makes life more difficult for moms and babies?

  2. Yeah, you are back! I am glad to see this sort of thing since I do breastfeed and I try to do it as modestly as I can but I still get THOSE looks. The funny thing it is usually from women not from the men. The men don't even notice nor do they know what I am doing. Except when I used to go to a fundamental Baptist church, then the deacons would quickly usher any nursing mother to do her "thing" in private so as not to make anyone lust. Also, our homeschool group is quite militant about breastfeeding. I have had several friends rebuked by the leaders because they are breastfeeding (can't see any skin at all) and there are teenage boys around and we wouldn't want any of them getting excited. Again, I have breastfed at the same table as some of the dads and their sons and they don't notice since the have wives and moms who have breastfed all their lives. It is just natural for them and nothing sexual.

    I think just the thought of breastfeeding causes some people to think about sex. And by far it is the women who are more militant about making this into a sexual problem.

  3. I still think the best thing that can be done for the normalization of breastfeeding--public and private--is for children to be brought up in families in which breastfeeding is normal.

    Until I was a mom I never imagined there was controversy over breastfeeding. After all, my Mom breastfed my little brother and sister, and I remembered that just being normal.

  4. Tulip,

    I totally agree with you. I was brought up NOT seeing anyone breastfeed. I remember the first time I saw someone breastfeed and I was totally shocked. I think I was 14 or 15. It took a long time for my to get used to me but now they don't think twice about it.

  5. I got a huge smile out of this. In part because just recently one of the priests at my husband's church came over to where we were sitting to admire the new baby just before Mass. He chatted with us and fussed over E-baby, patted his back and stroked the top of his head several times.

    I was nursing the entire time. And PRAYING that my little guy would not decide to let go...