Monday, May 08, 2006

Family churches

My husband and I, and our little family at the time, once attended a church that purported to be family-centered. We found this a bit odd since the church was structured in such a way as to prevent families from seeing each other all Sunday morning, until it was time for them to leave together.

I think what we were really looking for was a "real family church", one that welcomed children without banishing them to age-segregated "children's church".

Now that we have a puppy, it would be easier for us if we could have brought her to church yesterday. Well, not really --- and I'm not ready for churches to become that family friendly!


  1. Ya know what? There ARE churches out there that welcome pets! I saw them on the news once. 8-O

  2. What's wrong with churches that want to minister to a child on their level? I wouldn't expect a 3 year old to get much out of an adult sermon.

  3. I'm not suprised anonymous said her comments under "anonymous". Typical of modern day citizens.

    I say what's wrong with having a child sit through a "adult" sermon and learn something that might be above thier heads but also bring themselves higher rather than dumbing them down? I don't recall Jesus telling the little ones to go to children's church. And society wonders why our young adults can't think straight. We are to busy focusing on the child's so called age level rather than encouraging them to grow above and beyond.

    I have yet to find a church that embraces young children during the sermon. Very reason why we have church at home.

  4. My husband has been pastoring a small (very) struggling church for the past year and a half, and it has no young families attending currently. The presumed expectation of any visitor is that there would be ministry to children during at least the sermon, or nursery workers, and we don't have young children at this point (or workers to do it) - so we continue on without either of these "services".

    I can understand the desire for children's ministry - and also understand the desire for a church to be family friendly with children in the service. Perhaps the two "camps" depend on who is able to actually control their child to remain quiet and respectful in a service? I grew up sitting in church next to parents. My children grew up with children's ministry - but were also able to sit in a service cooperatively. I've seen some children whose parents seem helpless to control them. I'm not sure I wouldn't want them in a "children's ministry" if the parent is unwilling to do the work of disciplining them, to be honest.

    In response to the previous post - maybe the anonymous poster didn't have a blog and didn't realize he/she could leave her name at the end of the post?

    Valerie in VA

  5. We found family-friendly church through house church. We have been meeting with other believers from house to house for the last couple of years now.