Monday, January 30, 2006

More about "The End of the Spear"

Why would Christians cast a gay activist in a much-loved missionary story? That question has been asked again and again in the debate over whether or not to see "The End of the Spear". The Pyromaniacs Team Blog has an interesting article on this very question.

However, that article goes even further and delves into the problems encountered when Christians justify their actions and decisions by, "God told me personally" rather than by the written Word of God.

Update: Barbara Curtis also has an excellent perspective, plus she quotes from an email she received from Ginny Saint, Steve Saint's wife. Read it here.

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  1. Well, I've certainly been out of it! I didn't know -- in fact, was wondering which actor it was. Obviously I don't get out much!

    Loved the movie, and knowing this about Chad Allen hasn't changed how I feel about it one iota.

    What was REALLY interesting was reading some of your links, Rebecca. Ouch! Reminds me of a Christian summer camp where I worked as the camp nurse the summer after I graduated from Wheaton. I finally told the camp director that if I hadn't been a Christian when I came to camp that summer, I certainly wouldn't have been when I left. Why? Because the rules overshadowed any thought of Jesus loving us.....

    Why are we better than Jesus who ate with sinners? I wonder if there were some homosexuals among them? I imagine there were. But "Christians" act as though they are called to a higher standard even than Jesus.

    Some of the links and the comments were wonderful.

    Maybe I'll go see it again -- certainly am going to encourage everyone I know to see the movie. Powerful message....