Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I don't like mayo

In fact, I can't stand mayo. Just thinking about a whole bunch of it makes me kinda queasy. But after reading this article on Barbara's blog, I may just have to go out and buy a massive jar of the stuff. If you love babies and have had more than the socially acceptable number of them, this is an article you will want to read.

My comments on the mayo post:

I finally read this post...unfortunately, I simply cannot stand mayo and my stomach couldn't handle having a large jar of it in my cart at Costco.

The article about the "selective abortion" of triplets saddened me on so many levels. Years ago, our pastor's wife was having difficulty conceiving a second child due to some physical issues. Then, to her great delight, she became pregnant. Their young son announced the pregnancy at a church gathering in our home, and there was celebration and happy tears all around. (This was a small church of large families.)

Then things got really exciting. She was told she was carrying identical twins. (Note: no fertility drugs had been used.) Not long after that, the doctor determined that she was carrying identical triplets. The parents and everyone at church felt this was such an overwhelming blessing. Many of us had already ministered to a family with triplets, and we were eager to pitch in wherever needed.

Tragically, she lost all three babies. Our jubilation turned to grief.

It is so hard to comprehend why three babies who were already so loved and eagerly anticipated would be snatched from life --- and someone else would choose to murder and discard two of their three babies.

By the way, after the passage of more time, our pastor's wife gave birth to a beautiful son. They named him Samuel.

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