Friday, December 30, 2005

Stocking stuffers

While we're on the topic of Christmas...

I mentioned stockings and stuffers in a previous post. Yes, I know it is logically inconsistent to do stockings when we don't do Santa. Jump all over me if you like, but I have two very good excuses:
  1. It is my husband's fault. I'm just being submissive.
  2. It is my mother's fault. She was even more illogical than I. We always received what she called "stocking stuffers". However, these were small gifts which were never stuffed in stockings, but were wrapped and put under the tree. And we opened them on Christmas Eve. Why did she call them stocking stuffers? I have no idea. There were no stockings, except for the ones on our feet --- and all that was stuffed into them was...well...our feet.

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