Saturday, December 17, 2005

Good reasons to cancel Sunday services

Someone asked me whether I thought there was ever a good reason to cancel a church's Sunday services. Of course! Here are a few:
  1. The church has been completely destroyed by fire, flood, or earthquake. But wait --- I know of churches who have held services the morning after their buildings were destroyed, with members bringing folding chairs or standing amidst the rubble and remains.

  2. The homes of many or most of the church members have been destroyed by fire, flood, or earthquake. However, this hasn't prevented church services from going on as scheduled after the tsunami this year, or after our hurricanes.

  3. Church services have been outlawed. You know, it's amazing to me what lawbreakers we have in the Body of Christ! There are people who claim to be Christians and yet who flagrantly disobey their nation's laws, using some sort of excuse about having to obey God rather than man! What's up with that? And can you imagine that people actually risk being arrested, and putting their families in harm's way, just to attend church?

  4. It's inconvenient. After all, how am I going to juggle the mad dash of rushing off to church into our Christmas celebration? How can I allow church to intrude into a sacred, family time? Where are my priorities, after all? OK, I'm definitely being sarcastic on this last one.


  1. Thank you for not agreeing with the mega churches that have cancelled for Christmas! Good for you.

  2. I go to a mega church that isn't having a service on Christmas. I don't feel quite as strong as you about cancelling a service though.

    However, I think our family will be moving on from our Mega Church for other reasons. The church has certainly taken a turn towards the cotton candy, fun, fun, fun brand of teaching.

  3. Right on! I appreciate your stand. Maybe you'll even get to enjoy some carols sang while doing dishes, okay well maybe, it'll just be towel swatting but enjoy your time just as well. Smiles!!