Friday, December 16, 2005

Don't laugh

For all my readers who do not live in places such as California or Florida, I ask you this one thing: please do not laugh when I say that I have been cold lately.

Just yesterday morning, I shivered as I headed off to the gym, noting that temperatures were in the mid-30 range. My usual winter m.o. in the gym is to arrive in layers and to shed them as I heat up during my workout.

I never did heat up.

In fact, while doing leg presses, I noticed each breath hung in the cold air in a wispy cloud. What on earth possessed me to work out in such conditions? Before long, I was hurrying back home. Apparently the outside temperature was warming up; we were now at 38 degrees.

I know; I know. All my readers from cold climates are laughing hysterically. "38?!" they are guffawing. "Why, that's practically summer!!"

To add to the amusement, I'm listening to Bing Crosby sing "Let it Snow" as I write this. Well, that certainly isn't likely to happen here. We just shiver, with nothing to show for our discomfort.

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