Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas decorating

We're almost completely done. Our extravaganza of outside lighting has been finished for over a week now, and I've only got a few finishing touches left on the inside. This year I'm not putting up everything, but I did get a later start than usual.

When the main task of decorating was nearing the end, we still had the content of these boxes left to use:

But the end was in sight!

Unfortunately, not much of the dining table was still in sight.

I've been enjoying the various channels of Christmas/holiday/winter music on XM Radio, as well as our own collection of Christmas CD's. It's so much fun to enjoy this time of year!


  1. um i was reading the comment you left at amy's HM regarding cranberry sauce and i was wondering if you might be troubled to part with your husbands special meatloaf recipe...we all love the sauce around here and i would love and excuse to serve it with beef...esp since my DH's fav is meatloaf...thanks a bunch

  2. See, now I'm covetting your XM radio. *Sigh*

    I really enjoyed decorating this year, too.