Friday, October 07, 2005

Hate to do this

While I am all for encouraging people to comment on my blog, and don't want to complicate the process, I have had it with my blog being used as free advertising. So I'm adding one tiny step to the commenting procedure, with the hopes that it will cut down on the spam.


  1. Darnit! You mean I can't advertise my homemade, all-natural, handed down from grandpa, combination back-hair remover and sawmill gravy mix?

    What's the world coming to...

  2. i just read your christian ethics post re hurricane katrina. even in australia it's worrying that so many christians seem to be happy thinking it's a kind of 'judgement' and unwilling to see the obvious racism and classism that have influenced rescue efforts. but i was also interested in your idea of the 'masculinisation' of the church and the gendered distinction you use to differentiate between particular kinds of responses. i try to avoid these distinctions as i see them reinscribing very narrow gender roles, but nonetheless it is an interesting, and disturbing point you've noticed.