Monday, August 15, 2005

Home now

When Child #4 (yes, children in large families are referred to by number instead of name) was a wee little lad, he would often cheerfully request, when the errand-running was taking too long for him, "Home now!"

It was a game, as we drove down our street, for the first glimpse of our house to be announced excitedly by whomever was quickest to spot it.

That's how I felt on our way back home recently. The trip was in several stages: two different planes, three different airports, an overnight stay with relatives, and then the drive back home, with my favorite ritual coffee stop along the way.

"Home now!" I felt like sing-songing it as we drew closer. There are several milestones along the drive where I feel myself feeling a sense of nearing, a sense of relief, an "aaaahh". The temperature cools; the air changes; the scenery changes; we leave city behind; we drive through the increasingly familiar of our "stomping grounds"; and we finally turn onto the last few roads and streets that bring us home.

I enjoyed our trip immensely, but it is oh so very good to be home. Even if it means desperately playing "catch up" on work and sleep...

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