Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I give up

While reading a few blogs this morning, I was struck with the realization that I have no business blogging. You see, I lead a relatively dull and boring life. This became painfully obvious to me as I read three blogs in particular.

First, there is my friend Jan, a neophyte to the world of blogging. Mother of the Bride Spot might seem not all that exciting to the casual visitor; after all, lots of people have daughters who get married. However, this same Jan happens to have two of the most beautiful daughters in the world, and also happens to be one of the most brilliant and witty people I've ever met. Besides, none of my children are getting married.

Then I read Between the Rinse and Spin Cycle and caught up on the nightmarish tale of what happened to a lovely young family who innocently tried to sell their home and move elsewhere. Now this desperate pregnant woman is reduced to hiding in her mother's basement, along with her adorable little children and her husband. (Well, maybe they aren't exactly hiding in the basement...)

That in itself would be far more than enough adventure for most people, but Jasmine's mother is not just any mother. She happens to be the author of the blog Mommy Life. While I have undoubtedly exceeded the socially acceptable number of children with my offspring, Barbara has far outdone me. Life in her home is certainly vastly more interesting than life in mine.

But actually it was a fourth blog that fully convinced me that I lead a dull, uninteresting life with nothing remotely fascinating to serve as blog-fodder. Certainly, there is not a thing that has ever happened in my nearly half a century of existence that could hold a candle to this tale: Shell Henge and Squirrel Heads

So, I give up. My life is simply too bland to write about. Other than one son sitting at the kitchen table and filing the beak of a wild red-tailed hawk and the others shooting off potato cannons, absolutely nothing has happened around here today.

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  1. From the basement:
    Thank you for your thoughts, it actually made me smile (and cry, darn hormones). I would love to have my boring life back. Meanwhile, I'll settle for reading about yours ; )