Friday, June 03, 2005

Tagged?! Oh, the horror! What now?

I'd read odd references to being "tagged" but never thought it would happen to me...until Brian at Reasons Why did the deed. Hopefully I'm responding in the correct manner.

Total books owned, ever: Impossible to know. In fact, I really don't want to know this number. It might be frightening. While single, I accumulated several smallish bookshelves full of various and sundry books, only a few favorites of which I brought into marriage. (I can't remember how many apple boxes were needed to contain said "few favorites", but I do remember my new husband's dismayed comments of, "Why did you have to bring so much junk with you?") During twenty years of marriage, we have homeschooled and I even reviewed educational stuff for a while, bringing huge boxes of FREE BOOKS into our home. For about ten years, I was active in the natural childbirth, parenting, and pro-life movements and had a small personal lending library on those topics. ("Small?! Hah!" incredulous family members would be sure to retort.) I went on several theology kicks and discovered the now sadly no-longer-existent Great Christian Books catalog. Then I discovered Amazon...and embarked on a number of other interests that, of course, required more books. My husband thinks I'm singlehandedly keeping Amazon in business.

Last book I bought: "Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity" by Nancy R. Pearcey. Waiting for this to arrive...

Last book I read: I'm almost through with "Solo Training 2" by Loren Christensen. (No, it's not about singing, but about martial arts.)

Five Books that mean a lot to me:

* From the Bible - Galatians and Philippians
* "Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis
* "Christian Theology" by Millard Erickson
* "What's so Amazing about Grace?" by Philip Yancey
* "Silent Knife" by Nancy Wainer-Cohen

It was hard to pick just five books (which, to be accurate, I didn't). I decided to pick these because of the significant and transformational impact they have had on my life.

Tag 5 people : Kim, Kristin, Samantha, Barbara, Matthew.


  1. OOOh...I've never been tagged before!! This will be a fun one, and I actually have energy today.

  2. This is an easy tag! I was "tagged" with this a while ago, and I can just go back and get my other responses, although I'll a few changes to make!

    Thanks for inviting me to "play!"

  3. Rebecca! I just realized that you are the Rebecca from way back when! So nice that our lives have intersected once again! I've never been tagged. I think I'll be able to figure it out. . .

  4. LOL!!! Now I gotta figure out how to do this.....tee hee!!! I feel so special! :-)

  5. This is a foul deed indeed to engage in this juvenile activity. I am much to busy to engage in this kind of cyber terrorism. Furthermore, I have never enjoyed any kind of tag- cyber or non-cyber.