Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Cool stuff

I've been enjoying my pods from Community Coffee so, as promised, here is my review of sorts.

At first, I have to admit, I was a tad disappointed. The coffee just wasn't as strong as I remembered, when made from either the dark roast or from the café especial. But then again, my first introduction to Community Coffee was when a guy practically saved my life by offering to share some from his thermos, coffee that he'd warned me was so strong that I might never be the same again after tasting it.

Perhaps so.

In order to recapture that taste, I have to throw caution to the wind by altering the setting on my Bunn coffee maker in full defiance of their information about the alleged Gold Standard of coffee-making. And then, if I put the resulting strong drink in a thermos, add some sugar (which I usually don't do), and sip it with my eyes closed, I'm almost back in Louisiana. To get the full effect, I should probably stand in a hot steamy room.


  1. no sugar? do you drink black? I bow to you. I just can't live without my cream and sweetner, maybe I'll mature one of these days...

  2. I have a Community Coffee baseball cap.