Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Call me skeptical

This was in my morning's email:

I've visited your website. It is very impressive. Thank you for the good you are doing. We have a mission of good also, We are going to stop pornography from being delivered to children across the internet.

We are giving away the technology to make this happen. Will you run one of our COPS programs on your PC and be one of our Moral Enforcers?.

The program is very advanced and uses no noticeable resources of your PC, All of the COPS programs on thousands of PC's work as one when in use.

We patrol adult sites that do not age verify, taking free materials and dissolving them at your PC without you being exposed to the web's dangers. Our program when running in your PC, allows no viruses, worms, trojan horses or even cookies to be placed on your PC. You are 100% protected.

We apply pressure until they comply with the Moral Standard of age verification of all adult content they provide free on the internet.

The patrol force MUST BE ASSEMBLED QUICKLY, don't delay, download the program and join us today.

The first red flag went up when I read, supposedly about my "Family Corner" website: "It is very impressive. Thank you for the good you are doing." Yeah, right. Impressive. Hahaha.

So let me get this straight. A complete stranger who goes by the name of "A Moral Jones" wants me to install some program on my computer that will access porn sites and download free porn.

Yeah, right. I'm going to let him use my computer as part of his porn network. For free. While I think I'm making the world safer for children. Hahaha.

What is not funny is that I'm afraid someone may fall for this idiotic scam or, at the very least, innocently click on the link in the email an attempt to find out more about joining the "patrol force".


  1. Ack! That is just weird. I especially like, the "A Moral Jones". lol

  2. I swear, it was not me. Not even related to me. I may change my last name to 'Smith' now. Sniff.