Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Six-pack abs

This morning, one of the middles (as in middle kids, not midsections) suddenly announced, "If I lay down, I've got six-pack abs." (Is it "lay down"? "lie down"? We need to review this grammar lesson...)

Anyway, I was the only one who thought of grammar. Everyone else within earshot was all too amused by this pronouncement. Soon we were each trying to outdo the other. I spoke, "If I'm on my back and I suck in my stomach as much as possible, and you're about three feet away, squinting at me, I've go six-pack abs."

This, of course, raises all sorts of deep philosophical questions. If someone's alleged six-pack is obscured by the aftermath of having more than the socially acceptable number of children, is it still a six-pack? If someone has an impressive six-pack, but always hides it under a shirt, is it still a six-pack? Is hiding a six-pack under a shirt the moral equivalent of hiding it under "baby leftovers"?

And, the most pressing question of all, should those who attend Baptist churches dare mention that they might have six-packs?

1 comment:

  1. It is "Lie down" and if you are like me you have the six pack (we all do) but it is well hidden under a layer of baby fat.

    Seems as though our Father designed bodies of women who are blessed with many children to have an extra layer of survival insurance.

    Debra Baker